The Facility

Outdoor areas

The residence has a very large green area with a wood stretching, as far as the eye can see, towards the exterior, where team building and various types of ad hoc training that require wide outdoor areas can be held and monitored in complete security. As well as outdoor training activities, the area surrounding the villa is enhanced by an open-air terrace and a swimming pool with an authentic and striking 1930s gazebo.

The location can also be used for live music performances with ample space for dancing, as well as the chance to enjoy the splendid setting of a historic swimming pool immersed in greenery.

The surrounding park is also equipped with a small football field, which can also be used for other sport activities, where one can take a challenge and participate in team-building.

Indoor areas

Villa del Dosso is spread over 4 levels, measuring a total of 994 sq.m., excluding the wide terraces. The authenticity of the place and its great value that is not only historical but also empathetic generates feelings of belonging, care, beauty and of something that is long-lasting and maintains its values, thanks also to its amazingly beautiful furniture, paintings and porcelain.

The villa, located in the highest part of the property, dominates the landscape that stretches from the Villoresi canal in the east to the Ticino river in the west. It is steeped in history and culture with an amazing library and references to an important family history and can be perfectly adapted to meetings, relaxation and pleasure for top level guests.

The levels of the villa

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Level -1 has a large dining room for 10 people featuring historical wine and liquor labels. There is also an amazing wine cellar, a result of the genius of the architect Portaluppi, where 6-8 people can also dine and with a large kitchen, cloakroom and launderette for the services.

Level 0 has a spacious living room that narrates decades of Family history and is equipped with a fireplace where there is space for at least 25-30 people. Joined to this room are the main dining room featuring two authentic pieces of Maggiolini furniture and a table for 12 people surrounded by charming furniture and the porcelain room with a fireplace and numerous pieces of fine Rosenthal porcelain.

level +1 provides the opportunity to stay overnight with about 5/6 rooms, two of which are double, two small doubles and two singles, all decorated tastefully and with linen sheets, multichannel TVs and 4 en suite bathrooms.