Organise your event

Villa del Dosso offers several solutions for organising personalised events, from company ones to private ones.
Our staff are available to satisfy all requests and make every occasion special.

Company events

The location is suitable for company events aimed at a High/Top level Target. In particular, the following activities can be organised for the corporate world:

  • Management training and updates
  • Strategic seminars for national and/or international Boards of companies who are preparing new business strategies
  • Brand awareness events for Clients and Partners

Exclusive private events

Villa del Dosso is the ideal place for those wishing to hold private events, such as exclusive weddings arranged in complete privacy, taking advantage of the consecrated chapel inside the park.

Photo location

The Estate is the ideal location for photo shoots and/or making films, taking advantage of the spacious outdoor and indoor areas.

Private use

Villa del Dosso is aimed at:

  • VIPs and their families who wish to have a pleasant break in a unique location instead of staying in the usual hotel
  • VIPs who wish to spend days/weekends for work or relaxation in complete privacy.
  • Top managers who wish to arrange secure and confidential work meetings with their close collaborators

All the above will be assisted by top-rate specially dedicated staff for all services